We are heading into the end of the year, which makes it a great time to set your resolutions, make new goals and maybe even change up your look. We’re here to help at Rhimix as there are some awesome holiday trends but what trends will you choose?

Change can be exciting but what trend will work best for your age, your hair’s texture, your face shape and the time you have to style it, and the money you have to upkeep it? WHEW, that’s a lot to think about!! Here are the top trends and then you can decide what one(s) you want to talk to your stylist about.

The shag haircut and its MANY versions that all look amazing on the magazine models but you’re not sure you can pull it off. There are so many variations of this cut that you and your stylist are bound to come up with one that is perfect for you!

The “money piece” face-framing highlight is all the rage this season! You are seeing it super blonde, chunky, and extreme to subtle in tone, smaller section, and less chunky for less maintenance. I love the pop of color this gives your face! It brightens and draws people’s attention to your eyes and face! You will see this trend done with “babylights”. Babylights are subtle highlights that are done closer to your natural hair color so your roots are not as noticeable and again low maintenance! This is one good trend that came out of the pandemic – low maintenance!!

If you are wanting more drama and change – go RED! It is no surprise that a rich warm red tone would be a hit for not only fall but all year round! Some of our favorite celebrities are doing it like Sara Drew, Madeline Petsch, and Jessica Chastain, just to name a few. Add a few subtle babylights to this and WOW – heatwaves for you this fall!

We touched on cut and color, now how will you wear your hair for the holiday party or family gathering? I suggest you wear your hair soft, low, and messy for your holiday parties or soft beachy curls if wearing hair down. The trend is less is more or a lived-in look. I am loving this trend as I don’t enjoy washing and styling it daily! This means day two (or more) hair is in! Add a touch of glam with an old broach (check grandma’s jewelry drawer) and bobby pin it in. This also works great for weddings for something borrowed and blue if you can find one with blue in it! OK OK, I got off topic but the trends of this season are what you want! Go bold or go subtle – you can’t go wrong! How great is that!?!? Don’t forget glowing skin is the perfect finish to your look! Book a facial or buy that exfoliator and moisturizer, dab on some lip gloss, and shine this holiday season, inside and out!