Do you love to have your girl group over for cocktails and catching up? Why not make it an at-home spa night?! Who does not love coming over, being pampered, catching up with friends, and laughing – all while spending little to no money and in the comfort of PJs?

Here are our suggestions from our experts at Rhimix for activities and supplies needed to make your spa night a success! Pick the type of services you want to provide and create a shopping list of the must-haves for your evening.

  • Manicure/Pedicure: nail files, buffer blocks, toenail clippers, pumice stones (for callouses), foot bath or tubs, cuticle nippers. Add on clear polish, base, and topcoat, nail colors, and/or offer nail polish stickers for added festivity.
  • Hair: Aveda shampoo/conditioner ( see below for a few of our favorites), hair masks of your choice, toner, malibu treatments, shower caps (to lock in hot air and help the treatment work better), combs, towels, blow dryer, straightener or curling iron, styling products.
    • Hair masque and treatments from Aveda- Botanical Repair strengthening Masque rich or light version, Nutriplenish treatment masque deep moisture, Invati Advanced hair and scalp masque.
  • Skincare: facewash, toner, cotton balls, face towels, Gua Sha facial tool, facial masks of choice, facial steamer or pot of water/towel, and don’t forget a lip mask/balm!

Now it’s time to set the spa mood. Add candles everywhere or have a diffuser with calming oils running throughout the night. Have soft music playing and use plants or flowers make to make it feel more spa-like. Invite your guests to bring slippers, a robe or comfy clothes, and sandals if you are doing pedicures.

When you start planning your night, think about the layout. Are you able to have dedicated areas or rooms for each treatment? For example, the manicure/pedicure station can be set up at the dining room table. The tubs, towels, bath salts, callous removers, nail files, buffers, cotton balls, polish remover, nail colors, and implements can all be available there. Your friends can help each other polish the non-dominant hand or toes to make the experience extra nice.

Once they are done at this station, they will move to the facial area in your guest bath or living room with the adjacent bathroom to wash their face. The evening can just continue until your friends have completed all of the spa services they want.

No matter what type of spa day/night you choose, spending time with people you love, and adding some self-care, makes for a great night!


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