Did you know that Rhimix Salon and Spa can create a wonderful Day Spa? They have facials, including dermaplane. If you are not sure what to book, your esthetician will look at your skin and develop a facial that best suits your needs. Maybe your needs are exfoliation, anti-aging, or treating acne, or deep cleaning your pores. No matter what your needs are, Rhimix has a facial to meet your needs.

Healthy Skin is our Goal

Do not be afraid to talk to your skincare specialist at your appointment about your concerns or hopes for your skin. Questions are good and help us to know what is desired or what results are wanted. No question is dumb, and it is always good to know what skincare you use at home ( even if not professional grade), so take a picture and come prepared, as that will aid your esthetician on what might be causing an issue and how to help or what to add to the routine. Remember, real skin has texture, pores, and even an occasional blemish. The goal is healthy skin – not perfect skin, and we can help you put your best face forward at Rhimix Salon and Spa.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Massage

Don’t forget to add a massage to your spa day. Why? Check out these benefits:

  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Improved circulation
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • Reduction of stress and stress hormones
  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • Improved skin tone
  • Improved recovery of soft tissue injuries
  • And, of course, reduces anxiety and depression and improves mental clarity!

If that list did not make you call Rhimix Salon and Spa, I am not sure what will! Check out our services and see what massage best suits your needs. Rhimix also does body wraps!

Try a Body Wrap

The Beautifying Body Wrap is a seaweed body wrap treatment featuring the uplifting aroma of Aveda’s Beautifying body care products. The treatment includes a dry exfoliation, seaweed masque 9 applied to the back, scalp, and face massage, and foot reflexology treatment.

Don’t Forget Your Nails

Last but not least, the manicures and pedicures are amazing at Rhimix. Just sit back, relax, sip a cup of tea, or hydrate with water and let the tech work magic on your nails!

If you did not know that Rhimix Salon and Spa had all these options, it’s time to come check them out! Call and book a spa day and treat yourself or your mom, dad, partner, or whoever you want, and make it a time to connect, be intentional, and enjoy the time taking care of your skin and nails! We can’t wait to pamper you at Rhimix Salon and Spa!

Rhimix Salon & Spa is your local beauty salon in Wooster, Ohio. We provide a variety of high-quality beauty salon services, including hair care, color and texture treatment, waxing, and makeup application. Plan a refreshing day at our full-service Day Spa and book a facial treatment, foot therapy, massage therapy, manicure, pedicure, and spa treatments. Request your next appointment online or by phone at 330-263-5480.