Owner of Rhimix Salon, Rhiannon.

My name is Rhiannon and I don’t just share the first three letters of my name with my spa, Rhimix. I share its spirit, its purpose, and its mission. In fact, if only I had written a letter to myself that I could show you now, it would read that I had a goal and a vision of owning Rhimix Salon and Spa, which at the time was named Spa Collections and I was the receptionist. Since those early days, I’ve shared in the success of this spa and now it helps me share my success story with others. Let me explain…

I have always been an artist. From as far back as I can remember, I loved drawing, painting and creating. In middle school, I started making the connection of art with beauty. I experimented with hair and makeup on myself, as well as my family and friends. I soon realized that not only did I love creating beauty, but I had a passion for people and making them feel renewed, beautiful and better about themselves.

So, the first step in pursuing my dream was to attend the Wayne County Schools Career Center with a cosmetology focus. I had a son while in school, so I graduated early to stay home with him for a while. But I couldn’t shake my dream of designing beautiful things so I finished my cosmetology hours at the Wooster Beauty College. It was during this time that I also worked as a receptionist in the evening at Spa Collections.

Sometimes life brings you full circle, right? This is why I would suggest to a stylist starting out to get comfortable networking and crafting conversations while you’re crafting curls or cosmetics! I would recommend taking advantage of any additional education classes as cosmetology is an industry that requires continuous learning and honing of various skills. The unique thing about this industry is that it is an art, so every stylist has a different style of art. Learn from them. Watch them. Try new things with their expertise and guidance.

You never know where the connections with people in your chair, your classes, or your coworkers will lead. It will create confidence, open opportunities for learning, and inspire your unique style. It may even bring you some full-circle moments like me!