How to Add Volume to Your Hair, and Products that Can Help!

Is your hair feeling flat? We’ll walk you through the process and products needed pump up the volume.

Meet Rhiannon O’Hearn

Owner, Stylist at Rhimix

I joined this amazing salon and spa in March of 2000. It was then that I found a true passion and purpose for making people feel better about the way they look and feel. I also discovered a sincere love for the Aveda products and their mission. I believe that when you look good, you feel good. But I also believe that true beauty is best achieved when our minds, bodies and spirits are equally cared for and valued. I am committed to giving my best to make sure each of my guests’ needs are met and that they feel at home and relaxed. 

Continually educating myself and taking pride in my hard work is how I stay inspired and motivated. My focus is also to inspire and encourage passion in my team.

More Than Just a Salon & Spa

From cutting and styling classes, to women’s empowerment sessions, we’re always creating spaces for our guests to pour into their minds, bodies and spirits.

Book a Service, Get Refreshed at RHIMIX.

The Beauty Salon

Color and Texture Treatments

Haircuts and Styling



The Day Spa

Facials (including Dermaplane)

Massage Therapy


Beautifying Body Wrap

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