Here at Rhimix, relationships are a priority. My goal is that my cosmetologists and clients alike leave the salon every day feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. Every stylist in our salon has a spot that they fill with their unique skill sets and services. Everyone on our team feels a sense of belongingness and value, recognizing that when we work together, we are offering a holistic experience.


By providing a workspace where my stylists feel fulfilled, I can guarantee that we will provide a place of peace to our clients. In order to shape the stylist’s workspace into a positive place, I always try to keep an encouraging “can do” attitude to set an example for my team. I’ve found that the most influential leadership styles in my life have been motivational and inspirational, so I want to emulate this for my team. I aim to give space for them to grow in their purpose while coaching and supporting them as they do.

I always ask for input and consider feedback from my team before making decisions. I am constantly inspired by nature, art, photography, different shapes and colors and all of these forms of art I find in my stylists. I find inspiration in every guest I work with by my need to give them a great result and a memorable experience and encourage my team to have the same perspective.


Making my team a top priority looks different every day. Typically, I start the day making sure my team has all the tools they need to have a successful day. Between appointments, I maintain the appearance of the salon, manage the books, handle guests’ challenges and concerns, purchase supplies and products and develop ideas for promoting business. All of these different duties ensure the success of my stylists and the salon as a whole.


As a stylist at Rhimix, I want you to confidently operate as an independent individual whose art and cosmetology style is included and fills an important chair in our salon.