These are a few of my simple Hair Hacks that will make a big impact on the integrity and look of your hair!

#1 only condition your ends: Mainly focus on the ends and middle of hair and try to avoid your scalp because this can cause your hair to look greasy.

#2 Brush your hair the right way: First of all, it is time to invest in a good brush. One good option is a boar bristle brush. This type of brush can help evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils through the lengths of your hair. When using a brush – no matter what brand – gentle is key! Start at the bottom and work your way up! Try to avoid brushing while hair is wet because that is when hair is most fragile; when hair is damp, think about using a detangler or good leave-in and a wide-tooth comb!

#3 Use eye shadow to make hair look fuller: I love this trick! Pick an eye shadow that matches your hair’s natural color and dust it right on your part. A small blending brush works best to apply it. (This can also help with grey hair coverage until you get to your next appointment!)

#4 Start by blowdrying your hair at the roots: This will give you volume! Place a round brush at roots and blowdry this area first then work down your hair. It also helps if you over direct the hair – meaning if you want volume on top, flip your head over and blowdry your hair from the back.

#5 Wash hair in lukewarm water: A hot shower might feel good, but the heat is not great for your hair. Super-hot water can strip your hair of its essential oils, making it feel dry. Taking a cooler shower will also help your color last longer – you’re welcome!

#6 Comb your hair BEFORE you shampoo: As we talked about earlier, it’s a bad idea to brush when your hair is wet, so get those tangles out before you wash it! It will make the washing process so much easier!

#7 Invest in a silk pillowcase: It is time to get fancy! Silk pillowcases are super soft and, well, silky, and they can help save your blowout and make it last longer! It really will make a difference and won’t mess up your style -even if you toss and turn at night.

#8 Use an old T-shirt to dry your hair: I know it’s tempting to rough dry your hair with a towel when it is wet but you might want to re-think this. You need to be gentle with wet hair, so grab a cotton t-shirt which is much softer than a towel. Pat your hair to soak up excess water, don’t aggressively rub or squeeze your hair.

#9 Use dryer sheets to tame static. STATIC ugh, it’s the worst! You can get rid of any unwanted static by grabbing a dryer sheet and smoothing it out over your locks. It really is that simple!

#10 Create a fuller-looking ponytail: This is an easy way to get a fuller-looking ponytail. You actually create two ponytails! Here is a step by step-

1-Gather the hair above the ears to create a half ponytail and secure it with an elastic.

2-Take the first ponytail you just created and flip it forward to the top of your head to move it out of the way.

3-Create a second ponytail using the remaining bottom section of hair. Make sure to secure the second ponytail directly below the base of the first ponytail so that it is hidden from sight. The two ponytails should layer on top of one another and give the visual effect of a single long ponytail that’s extra voluminous.


I hope one or all of these helpful hacks create healthier, fuller, and more luminous hair with just a little bit of effort!