Self-care. It seems like everyone is talking about it, but what is self-care? If you look up the definition it says, “The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.” It is not indulgent, but a critical part of any person’s growth and setting goals around your well-being is as important as a Will, healthcare directive, or even your bucket list! But why is it so important? Research shows that engaging in self-care practices improves your health, increases productivity, and can prevent burnout. Not sure how to start? Here are a few practical self-care strategies to help you.

What is self-care and what is not? Some may think self-care is a spa day where they treat themself to hours of services or a whole day to themselves with no plans or interruptions. Those ARE ways to do it but every person will be different and there is not just one way to self-care. The best guide is, an ideal self-care practice that makes YOU feel good and at YOUR best! Don’t let anyone else tell you how to best take care of YOU. Your self-care practice is putting your own needs first and not apologizing about it! That said, it should not drain your energy, your bank account or leave you feeling guilty.

Now comes the fun part! I feel there are two parts to self-care. Mental and Physical. Make a list of a few things you can do for each. Here are some examples you can incorporate into your practice:

Mental Self-Care

  1. read a book on your “to-read list”
  2. spend the day alone doing whatever you want
  3. put the phone down by 8 pm (digital detox) & go to bed by 9 pm
  4. delegate a task or chore to someone else
  5. listen to daily motivation
  6. write in a gratitude journal
  7. write a few positive affirmations and hang them on your mirror (like I am talented! I am confident! I am lovable! I am allowed to nurture myself. I am enthusiastic! *The more you say them the more you believe them!)

Physical Self-Care

  1. light a candle in your favorite scent
  2. go for a walk
  3. get new plants for your home or office
  4. drink more water
  5. take a nap in the middle of the day
  6. clean your car, your room, your office, or a closet (declutter and organize your spaces)

No matter what your list looks like, self-care can be small practices to create pockets of time for yourself. Make a calendar reminder and set an alarm for YOU time! You can do this! You deserve this!


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