Last month, our Hairs to you, Black History Month blog shared all about the history and best products to use for multiracial hair. Now, let’s focus on the care and styling of multiracial hair!

The Aveda Nutriplenish collection has so many awesome products for this hair type. Use these 100% vegan products and our expert cosmetologists’ styling tips to make your natural hair even more stunning! If you have more questions do not hesitate to ask your stylist or call Rhimix Salon & Spa to set up a consultation.

  1. Wash the hair once a week – on the other days you can rinse and skip the shampoo. When you do shampoo, focus on the roots and skip the ends as they need all the oils and moisture so don’t wash it away! (Try Aveda Nutriplenish deep moisture and light moisture shampoo options)
  2. Detangle the hair every day. Start at ends and work up to the scalp using a large-tooth comb.
  3. Apply a leave-in conditioner on a daily basis (We recommend Aveda Nutriplenish leave in lightweight conditioning spray that hydrates for 72 hours while detangling and protecting from thermal heat up to 450 degrees. It also has a UV filter to protect hair from the sun!)
  4. On wash day when hair is wet after the leave-in, use a gel (Like Aveda Nutriplenish curl gelee. It hydrates, defines, and elongates coils, curls, and waves.)
  5. Follow up with a small amount of hair oil if needed. Not all mixed hair needs added oils but if needed we suggest Aveda Nutriplenish multi-use hair oil. It features a blend of 5 power oils and offers multi-uses and delivers nutrient-powered hydration and shine for all hair types.
  6. If possible, allow the hair to air dry. Pulling it back in a loose ponytail will help stretch out the curls if that’s your desire. Staying away from heat is the best bet with mixed hair-because heat can absolutely destroy your unique texture. Just let products and nature do their thing!
  7. If you don’t have time to air dry, put the dryer on the lowest setting and stretch the hair gently as you are drying it. Finish with oil as a dryer will add frizz.
  8. If you are using a straightener or curling iron, make sure the hair is 100% dry and use a heat-protecting spray (like Aveda heat relief thermal protector and conditioning mist). Separate hair out into small sections and try lower heat settings first.

If you kept it curly but want more styles or ideas – try some of our favorites: two space buns, a low ponytail, any braid, or the mohawk (make 3-5 buns down the middle of the head pulling hair tight on sides).

Less is more with natural hair! It’s stunning – so show it off!


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