There are so many factors that go into choosing the right colors for your skin tone, let alone the actual shopping for the right pieces for your wardrobe! Are you someone who just picks a color you like and buys it or do you stick with neutrals and dress up or down with color or accessories? Well no matter where you are, let’s see if these few simple tips can help you determine what colors work best for you!


Look at your skin: You can have fair, medium, or dark skin, but the undertone of your skin can be cool or warm. Not sure about yours? Here are a few tricks.

Test 1: Foundation test

Dab a pink-toned foundation on your skin and then dab a yellow-based one on your skin, and whichever one blends easier is your skin’s undertone. Warm= pink Cool=yellow

Test 2: Veins test

Look at the veins in your wrist. If you can see blue, you are likely a cool tone. If you see green veins you are likely warm tone. In the rare case that you cant tell, CONGRATULATIONS you are neutral! Neutral skin tones hit the lottery as almost every color works for them!

Now, what to do with this information:

Warm spring– Colors that look best on you are, cream, peach, golden-yellow, light orange, and bright colors such as lime green, lemon yellow, and coral! It is recommended that you stay away from dark overpowering colors.

Warm autumn– Beige, gold, brown, caramel, and gold will be the colors that look best on you. Rich muted tones are great pastels that will not work for you.

Cool winter– You will shine in bold, sharp primary colors. Try out white, black, navy blue, red, and bright pink. The more saturated the color the better! Avoid golden and brown colors.

Cool summer– Light and cool colors will work best for you. Try colors like sky blue, aqua, powder pink, and light grey. Think pastels and do keep darker colors farther from your face. Avoid overpowering colors and highly saturated warm tones- meaning lighter jeans, and khakis not dark pants or denim. Keep the overall outfit lighter in color.

Hair colors that look best on warm spring- skin tones are rich, and warm colors like deep browns, reds, and even golden and honey blondes will work best to compliment your skin tone. Light colors like icy platinum blonde will wash you out and clash with your skin tone.

Warm autumn-accentuate your hair color with warm red and copper tones. All warm brown tones like golden brown, coppery gold, or chestnut are flattering. If you really want to be a blonde, go for golden shades; ash colors do not suit autumn-type skin.

Cool summer- nature puts a golden sheen into spring hair types so, therefore, avoid ashen tones and choose warm colors instead. Ideal options are golden blonde, flaxen, honey blonde, golden brown, copper, and warm light reddish tones like golden red or strawberry blonde.

Cool winter- stick with lighter ashy blondes, along with lighter browns and true reds. Avoid anything golden or orange because it won’t compliment your skin tone.

The team at RHIMIX Salon and Spa is here to help you with all your hair color and makeup updates you might want to try! We can also help you find your skin tone if all this was just too much! We love helping men and women learn how to choose colors that best complement their unique skin tones and personality! Book an appointment today!