Fatherhood takes many forms, traditional and nontraditional, so it is fitting as we approach Fathers’ Day 2023 that we think about all the men in our lives that have played an important role. In this day and age, we are expanding the ideas and concepts of what makes a family.

In the 1960s, nearly three-fourths of American children lived in a family with two married parents from their first marriage. In 2023, less than half of all children grow up in a home with two married parents. It is more likely for children to be raised by a single parent, blended family, grandparents, or other family members. There is no longer one dominant form for a family in the U.S. as parents are raising their children against a backdrop of increasingly diverse and constantly evolving norms.

The ‘traditional’ stereotypes of a breadwinning dad and stay-at-home mom have changed drastically as many moms today work outside the home and have become their family’s main source of income. That said, dads are staying home to care for children at unprecedented rates. Roles are changing in this progressive new world.

So think outside the box today about who helped shape and maybe mentor or raise you. Maybe it was a coach, a pastor, a neighbor, a cousin, a grandparent, or your birth dad. Whoever that person or persons are, don’t forget to celebrate them on Father’s Day.

In this ever-changing world, it is important to remind those who have loved, cared for, and helped you acknowledge and appreciate them! Send them a card, frame a favorite picture of the two of you, give them a call, or treat them to a little something at Rhimix Salon and Spa. It can be a haircut or any of the spa treatments we offer. Call or stop in today or check out this months email, It is filled with top products and treatments available here at Rhimix for the man/men in your life. We here at Rhimix Salon and Spa appreciate all the men who have stepped up, cared for, and carried us on their shoulders in many forms through the years!