Summer is in full swing, and I am sure you are doing all you can to be kind to your skin, but did you know your hair is vulnerable to sun damage as well? If you didn’t— or if you did and you needed a reminder—here are a few simple things to help protect your hair and skin this summer!

  1. PROTECT AGAINST THE SUN:  UV rays don’t just damage your skin: they can make your hair dry and brittle also! If you plan on spending more than an hour out in the sun, wear a hat and use a UV protectant like Aveda sun care protective hair veil. It is a water-resistant UV defense mist. Just spray it on your hair before you put it up under your hat! If you feel you need extra moisture for your hair, do a hair conditioning mask like botanical repair™ intensive strengthening masque: rich or light. It detangles to prevent breakage, strengthens, and repairs. And, of course, don’t forget to protect your skin with a minimum of SPF 30, and reapply as often as needed.
  2. PREVENT WATER DAMAGE: Chlorine and salt water are not friendly to your hair. Before you take a dip, rinse your hair in cold water and apply a deep conditioner. This will help prevent your hair from soaking up all the chlorinated water that causes damage. You can also use Avedas Suncare hair and body cleanser to remove chlorine, salt, and buildup.
  3. STAY HYDRATED: Hydration starts from the inside. Drink lots of water to keep your skin and hair looking great this season. Plus, if you are hydrated, you can stand the heat better. Keep that hydration locked in with a moisturizer—we recommend stress fix body, sham pure, the Rosemary mint or Cherry almond body lotion and botanical kinetics™ hydrating water gel creme for your face.
  4. TAKE IT EASY: Try to not brush your hair when it’s wet, as it is more brittle and prone to breaking. If you must, get a wet brush and start brushing at the bottom, working your way up to the scalp. You should also be gentle when towel-drying. Do not rough up your hair, or twist it too tight. Gently squeeze excess water out and let your hair air dry without being twisted up in a towel or put in a hair tie. If you need it out of your face, consider using a clip or scrunchie, and keep it loose around your hair.
  5. Take it easy: Summer is a great time to let your hair have a rest from heat tools and styling. The natural, low-maintenance look is popular anyway, and wearing a hat for sun protection can be taxing enough on your looks! You can always ask your stylist at Rhimix what products might help you transition to more natural, lived-in hair that is also manageable.

With these easy steps, you can keep your skin and hair looking great all Summer Long! Rhimix Salon and Spa can also help you with services and products for your specific needs. Call or stop in today at Rhimix Salon and Spa.