If you are trying to figure out how to style your hair and do your makeup for your wedding day, here are some tips for what to bring to your stylist for your trial and some pictures of current wedding trends.

1. Have some Ideas—but not too many!

When going for your trial, be sure to bring pictures of styles you are interested in, but try to narrow it down! Inspiration pictures help the stylist get an idea of the look you are wanting. If you have a veil or want a comb or hair accessories, bring all of those to the trial. It might even be a good idea to have jewelry, so you can see it all together. I have many clients who will schedule their hair trial on a fitting day so that they can get a good sense of the look as a whole. Have your mom or a bridesmaid come with you so they can give you honest but constructive opinions to help you decide on a final style/look. Also, have the stylist show them how to remove the veil or put hair up later. If you are going to do an all-down or half-up style, maybe ask your stylist for an easy way to put it up after the ceremony so you can dance and not have hair in your way.

This is the same for a makeup trial. If you have lipstick, you will want to bring it. Usually, the makeup artist will supply everything, but be sure to check. Ask how you should prep your face before the trial and on the day of the wedding.

2. Not all naturals are the same.

Your idea of natural beachy waves or natural makeup might be very different from your hairstylist’s or makeup artist’s. It is important at the trial to speak up and make sure you are both on the same page. Again, pictures will go a long way here.

3. Budget it in.

Many brides are shocked at the price of hair and makeup trials and often forget to factor them in while planning the wedding budget. (Especially if they end up having more than one trial!) Before you book, ask any potential hair and makeup artists about their trial prices and their wedding prices. This way, you can make sure you love your hair and makeup for your big day! You also want to make sure to ask how much time they allow for a trial. Many stylists only allow for one look, leaving brides disappointed. So, if you want to try a few styles, make sure you let your stylist know when you book.

4. Ask about pre-trial prep.

Depending on what you are having done and how long the stylist or artist has, you may need to come with hair and or skin prepped in a certain way. For example, some stylists may want second-day hair, while others prefer your hair to be freshly washed, and for makeup, some artists prefer untouched skin while others will expect you to have moisturized an hour in advance.

You also want to keep in mind that your skin should be as close as possible to what the artist will be doing the day of the wedding. So, if you are planning on getting a spray tan or tinting your brows, have that done before your trial also. Likewise for hair. Have it the same length and condition as it will be the day of.

5. Replicate your dress color and neckline.

This might seem silly, but if you are wearing an off-white or white wedding dress, try to wear a similar shade to your makeup trial. This way, you can see how your complexion looks and photographs against white—it is not always the most forgiving color!

For your hair trial, try to replicate the neckline of your dress. Whether it’s backless, strapless, or off-the-shoulder, wearing a similar neckline will give you a better idea of how your hairstyle will look and sit on your wedding day. You will make sure you are showing off your gown.

6. Make note of how long each appointment takes.

Take note of how long your hair and makeup trial took. Talk to your stylist and artist about how much time they need on the day of to ensure you create a schedule that makes your day run smoothly! (Our email blast this month was all about wedding schedules and how to plan accordingly- go check it out!)

7. Ask a lot of questions.

Make the most of your hair and makeup trial by asking your stylists lots of questions. Ask for tips, get the products they are using, and find out how to best prep hair and skin for the big day. Ask about investing in some must-have products to help hair and skin.

Make sure to ask all the logistics for your day. How much time they will need for you and your bridal party? How much space? Do they bring their lighting or do they need a certain kind? Ask how they want to be paid. Take the time during your trial to ask all the questions so you don’t have to chase them down later.

8. Be honest.

If you do not like what they do at trial- tell them. Do not wait until the day of the wedding! Determining your preferences is the point of the trial. You are trying out a look… that way you can make tweaks so you are happy on your wedding day! You may want fuller brows, a different lip color, loosening the up style, or curls. All of these can be easily fixed at your trial.

If the problem is more significant, like poor quality products, wrong foundation color, bad service, or the stylist/ artist is not listening to what you want, it is probably best to cut your losses, take the hit of that trial cost, and go elsewhere for a trial with the hopes that they will be a better fit. Consider it money well spent on a mistake avoided for your big day.

9. Make plans for after your trial.

It’s a good idea to plan your fitting afterward so you can see the whole look, but more importantly, you look amazing with your hair and makeup done, so go test it out! Grab your girls (or your man) and give your look a proper test. Dance the night away; eat, drink, and be merry! Living it up in your look will give you a feel for if you need to tweak a product or finish.

10. Enjoy this time

Too many brides are so focused on the day that they forget all the fun memories and moments that are happening as they choose colors, flowers, centerpieces, and invitations …. these little details are important also. So take some deep breaths and enjoy every step of this journey!

We are here at Rhimix Salon and Spa to help you with every hair and makeup detail to make you look and feel your best for your wedding day or whatever event or occasion you have on your calendar! Call us today and let us be part of making you look as amazing as you are!

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